Who We Are

Leading service provider in Energy and Oil Gas sectors.


About GFC

Global Field Company has been established with the vision to become a leading service provider in the Energy and Oil & Gas sectors. We have significantly invested in our global presence and committed to offering optimum solutions in maintenance and construction to our customers. 

Our headquarters and MEA regional office is in Manama, Bahrain with local entities in Qatar, KSA, Egypt and others. GFC has several agents and partners in Africa, Europe, South America providing our customers with the best services all over globe.

Having the best-qualified work team of more than 25 years of experience and highly trained professional specialists, GFC is providing the best solutions in maintenance, installation, construction, Engineering consultations, and technical support. 

GFC serves a broad range of industries such as Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Power Generation, Industrial Solutions, Infrastructures, Mining and Metals  Specialized in operations and maintenance services of both static and rotating equipment.




At GFC we are keen to keep our place as a thriving business.

As an organization and as a team we are strongly committed to our vision and mission

  • Our customer determines our success. Providing the best solutions to our customers’ challenges is our top priority.
  • Being a lead organization in the Oil& Gas / Energy sectors. Continuous improvement and development to our methodologies
  • Embracing an environment of diversity and excellence in our organization
  • Safety and integrity are always a top priority
  • Expanding and providing our services globally

GFC Culture

At GFC having a unique culture is our strength. We do share this from top management to employees.

Integrity and compliance are the base of such culture, according to which we apply all of our actions

Our Values & Policies

GFC organization has chosen Quality, Integrity, Health, Safety, and Environment as a top priority. 

We always focus on achieving our customers’ satisfaction while non compromising those values.

Following our policies and procedures is the key to our success.

Focusing on operational excellence in every part of our tasks, and empowering the proactive role of every employee to innovate and contribute to the continuous development of our practices. 

HSE Policy

GFC is committed to providing quality products and services in a manner that protects the environment; the health and safety of employees, customers, and the community reference to GFC Corporate Policy. This is accomplished through the application of the following environmental, health, and safety commitment  

  • Achieve and maintain full compliance with all applicable EHS laws and regulations;
  • Protect the health and safety of our employees in the performance of their assigned work, giving full regard to evolving industry best practices, regulatory requirements and societal standards of care;
  • Eliminate, where possible, or limit to the lowest practical levels, adverse effects on human health and the environment from its services, facilities, and activities;
  • Ensure that health and safety of our employees and protection of the environment is a priority concern in business activities;
  • Utilize source reduction to minimize the volume of waste generated;
  • Ensure all employees are aware of their EHS responsibilities and understand the necessity for EHS adherence; and
  • Establish realistic and measurable goals to measure EHS progress. The Company gives its full support and commitment to all employees to achieve the objectives of this Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy.


Quality Policy

Customer satisfaction is our top priority thus we deliver with best quality. 

GFC has established a solid Quality Mangement system to ensure smooth process and best results.

GFC is certified with ISO 9001:2015 with ANAB and IAF accreditation.

Our management is commited always to :

  • Sticking to the quality standards and international codes.
  • Ongoing improvements in our processes and procedures. 
  • The continuous development and growth of our professionals by up to date technical and soft training plans
  • The tooling techniques and facilities to ensure best practice.

HR & Travel Policies

To maintain smooth activities and deliver to customers our best 

General Employee policy

Guarantees our employee satisfaction and motivation